Jared O'Mara MP Survey - What do you want from Brexit?

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The United Kingdom leaving the European Union presents one of the greatest policy challenges for our country in decades.

It is crucial we in Parliament get it right when making the legislation that will guide our country over the next decade.

It is important to me to have your views on Brexit. I want to know what you think, what is important to you. Completing this survey will help me to represent you, and to vote in Parliament.

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Which way did you vote in the 2016 Referendum? *
If the vote was held today, which way would you vote? *
Safeguard the economy and jobs reliant on EU trade
Retain tariff-free access to EU markets
Safeguard 'Free Movement' and open borders for UK and EU citizens
Preserve the security and police cooperation between the EU and UK
Preserve the regulations that create a level playing field amongst EU businesses
Preserve collaboration on scientific research and between universities
Save money by not paying for EU membership
Provide extra funds for the NHS
Restrict EU citizens' access to the UK and restrict UK citizens' access to EU countries
Sovereignty and 'Take back control' of our law making
Ensure EU courts could not override British courts
Allow our Government to support British business over foreign business
Access to EU markets
Making laws and the courts
If UK businesses export to EU countries, they have to comply with EU regulations. Should UK business have to adhere to both British and EU regulations or should the UK mirror EU regulations?
If the UK cannot reach a deal with the EU what should happen?
To make this repesentative could you please check which age group you are?
Which party do you most closely identify with?