Ageing Tyres on Public Service Vehicles - EDM 167

Jared has signed the Early Day Motion 167.

Ageing Tyres on Public Service Vehicles.

That this House welcomes the launch of the Tyred campaign; recognises the outstanding work that Frances Molloy, mother of Michael Molloy, and the parents of Kerry Ogden have done to highlight the dangers of ageing tyres on public service vehicles; notes the tragic deaths of Michael Molloy, Kerry Ogden and Colin Daulby in September 2012 following an avoidable coach crash caused by a defective front tyre; acknowledges the inquest verdict that the cause of the crash was the age of the tyre; further acknowledges the coroner's verdict that tyres deteriorate significantly with age; further recognises that in the interests of passenger safety, tyres exceeding 10 years old should not be used on public service vehicles; accepts that compliance with Government guidelines published in December 2013, that advises operators against the use of tyres exceeding 10 years of age, is not guaranteed without legislation; recognises that a change in the law to ban the use of tyres over the age of 10 years is urgently required; and believes that the Government should take steps to ensure the use of tyres exceeding the age of 10 years on public service vehicles is prohibited under UK law.

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Jared O'Mara