Armed Forces: Injuries - Question to Ministry of Defence

Jared asked the Ministry of Defence the following: 'To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, what research his Department has commissioned into the prevention of non-freezing cold injury.'

The question was asked on the 31/10/17

Mr Tobias Ellwood answered the following on the 8/11/17: 'A field assessment tool is currently being developed by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) which aims to reduce the incidence of non-freezing cold injury (NFCI). The tool will shortly enter its clinical assessment phase.
A MOD commissioned study, which commenced in April 2016, is investigating the symptoms of NFCI and has reported that NFCI is a form of neuropathy. As a result, further research is planned to look at the pathophysiology of NFCI and, in particular, whether there is a vascular component to it.'

Jared O'Mara