Schools: Sheffield - Question for Department for Education

Jared has asked the following question 'To ask the Secretary of State for Education, what the net change in funding will be for schools in Sheffield under the new funding formula in the next 12 months.'

The question was asked on 20/11/17

Nick Gibb responded with 'In 2018-19, Sheffield local authority will see a funding increase across the schools, high needs, and central school services blocks of 2.7%, or £10.0 million. Within this, the schools block element will also see a 2.7% increase in 2018-19, or £8.3 million, and every school in Sheffield will attract at least a 0.5% per pupil increases under the national funding formula. When the national funding formulae are fully implemented, Sheffield would see an increase of up to 7.9%, or £29 million. This information is available in the summary table at

These increases are subject to changes in pupil data; we will publish updated allocations for 2018-19 in December, which take account of the latest pupil numbers from the October 2017 census.'

This response was received on 28/11/17

Jared O'Mara