War Crimes: Yugoslavia - Question to Ministry of Justice

Jared asked the following question 'To ask the Secretary of State for Justice, if his Department will include access to chaplaincy in its performance measures for prisons on time spent out of cells engaging in purposeful activity.'

The was asked on 30/11/17

Sam Gyimah responded with 'The United Kingdom has sentence enforcement agreements with a number of international courts and tribunals. Under these arrangements the UK is currently holding one person convicted of war crimes by the Special Court for Sierra Leone.

Previously three prisoners convicted of war crimes by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) have served all or part of their sentence in the United Kingdom in the last 10 years. A further prisoner convicted by ICTY was held here prior to this period. These four prisoners are no longer detained in the UK.'

This was received on 7/12/2017


Jared O'Mara