Health Services: Sheffield - Question to the Department of Health and Social Care

Jared asked the following ‘To ask the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, what plans he has in place to support the recruitment of employees by health services in Sheffield in the event that the UK leaves the EU without a deal’

This was asked on 8/10/2018

Stephen Barclay responded with ‘We do not want or expect a no deal scenario. As a result of the significant progress made in negotiations, we remain confident we will agree a mutually advantageous deal with the European Union. We are not, however, complacent, and have plans in place in the event the United Kingdom leaves the EU with no deal. These plans are comprehensive, thorough and continuously updated.

We have been clear from the beginning of this process that we want EU nationals currently working in the National Health Service, to stay after we leave the EU. We will be working with NHS and social care employers across Sheffield as well as the whole of England to ensure their EU employees are aware of the straightforward and user-friendly EU settlement scheme which will allow them to secure settled status in the UK and enjoy broadly the same rights and benefits as they do now. This offer will stand irrespective of whether a deal is reached by the time the UK leaves the EU.

We have also introduced a range of measures to support increased recruitment and retention across the health and care system, including national recruitment campaigns that illustrate the diverse and fulfilling career opportunities available in the NHS and social care.’

The response was received on 15/10/2018

Jared O'Mara