Jared on Women and Equalities Committee - 11/10/17

On Wednesday 11th October Jared attended the Women and Equalities Committee. In this session the committee scrutinised the work of the Government Equalities Office. This included questions to Rt Hon Anne Milton MP, Minister for Women, and Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP, Minister for Equalities.

Jared asked the following:

·         First, I have a two‑part question: as you have settled into your new roles, how have you found your relationship with the Equality and Human Rights Commission and how effective do you consider the Commission to be in enforcing the Equality Act and working towards the elimination of discrimination and harassment?

·         What discussions have you had with the Commission about the changes it called for on its 10th anniversary?  Do you agree with David Isaac that the Commission would be more independent if it reported directly to Parliament?  What is the Government’s view on the additional powers the Commission has said that it is seeking?

You can find the full transcript here.

You can watch the committee, and Jared, in action here. Jared asks his questions at the 11:39 mark.

Jared WEC 3.jpg
Jared O'Mara