Jared supports the GMB MAKING IT campaign.

Last Friday Jared signed up to the GMB campaign MAKING IT. Sheffield has a proud history of manufacturing, and Jared agrees the government should be investing in UK manufacturing. See below for the full pledges. Follow GMB here.


GMB is proud of our manufacturing members, proud of our heritage and ambitious for the future of manufacturing in the UK. For industry to thrive we need policies that promote UK manufacturing and provide the skills the industry needs – that’s what GMB members are campaigning for.

Brexit makes this need even more urgent. New challenges are being thrown up as uncertainty choses off investment. GMB will always stand up for our members, and we are determined to fight or a fair deal for manufacturing jobs after Brexit. That’s why GMB are working with a broad range of industries to make sure the Government secures a Brexit that delivers for workers and industry.

We call on all governments of the UK to:

  • Invest in manufacturing - and create an environment that encourages manufacturing employers to invest
  • Buy for Britain – we need a procurement strategy that supports UK industries and supported employment
  • Negotiate trade deals that deliver for workers and industry, avoiding damaging tariffs on British goods
  • Build strong UK-based supply chains to support local communities
  • Support equality and inclusion by tackling barriers to work wherever they exist
  • Invest in skills, research and development, and the technologies of tomorrow
  • Pursue a balanced energy policy that provides sustainability and security for the UK and out nations industries
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Jared O'Mara