I Support A People's Vote on the Final Deal


I support a People’s Vote. I believe the people of the UK should be asked for their thoughts on the final deal.

As the MP for Sheffield Hallam I have met and heard from many of my constituents about the UK leaving the European Union. I have heard from constituents from across the political spectrum, and both Remain and Leave voters. It is the number one issue I hear from constituents about.

In the 2016 Referendum Sheffield Hallam voted for Remain by a large margin. The result of the referendum was accepted by Hallam as a democratic decision and the understanding that the Tories who took us into it, and those who campaigned for Leave, would lead the country through the negotiations ahead.

It has become clear that the spirit of a fair referendum, was broken by the Leave campaign. The Electoral Commission found that the Leave campaign broke electoral law.

Meanwhile those who led the Tory party at the time have left others to pick up the pieces. Prominent Leave campaigners have resigned from the cabinet, shirking their responsibility to those who voted for the campaign they led. Leaving the European Union and the following negotiations has become yet another internal fight within the Tory Party. A minority of hard liners on the Tory benches are pushing for the hardest possible Brexit. A Brexit which wasn’t on the ballot in 2016.

We now know more about the severe damage that will affect our communities from a hard Tory Brexit. Areas like Sheffield, which were hit so hard by the Thatcher Government, will be hit once again by removing hard won workers’ rights, losing jobs and the loss of research funding. The vote to leave the European Union has been hijacked by the anti-immigration and anti-multicultural far right. I know this is not what the people of Hallam, Leave or Remain, voted for.

Polls have shown significant shifting opinions since the referendum across the country. In Sheffield Hallam, already a strongly Remain voting seat, has become more Remain. Remain has increased from 62% to 68%. People have the right to change their mind. A People’s Vote will enable my constituents to be heard.

With the Tory Government in a mess there is no majority in Parliament for any form of Brexit. Since Parliament is stuck and with the new information about hard Brexit that has come to light I believe we should give the people a democratic way to tell Parliament how they want it solved. Therefore, I back a People’s Vote that includes an option to remain in order that my constituents’ voices may be heard.

Jared O’Mara MP
Sheffield Hallam

Jared O'Mara