I am a #ALLinAmbassador


I have signed up as a #ALLinAmbassador with the #ALLin campaign from Disability Talk. This campaign is about hearing the voices of disabled people. Their voices are often unheard, and I believe this should change. Whatever the concern is, it should be heard. We need to tackle the barriers in the way of hearing these voices.

#ALLin aims to become a one million strong group to support, help, and amplify the voices of those with disabilities who are frequently ignored.

I have signed up as a #ALLinAmbassador because I believe we need to remove the barriers preventing disabled voices being heard. As part of this I commit to working to remove barriers, and get these voices heard.

You can see the commitment I have signed below. You can find out more about #ALLin here and visit Disability Talk here.

Jared O'Mara