I support calls for a new law on pavement parking.

I support calls for a new law that would extend the benefits of London’s pavement parking system to the rest of England and Wales. Pavement parking can seriously affect people’s mobility on a daily basis. There are countless stories of people with sight loss, wheelchairs, and pushchairs, who have suffered the effect of pavement parking.

On Tuesday I met with a member of the blind community who told me his story. He often struggles to get around, having to walk in the road, or being hit by unexpected obstacles such as wing mirrors. This is a problem with a simple, workable solution. It works in London and will work in the rest of England and Wales.

I have also heard from constituents who are affected by pavement parking on a daily basis. I wrote to the Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling MP, sharing my constituent’s concerns. The response I received from Jesse Norman MP, as minister responsible, stated that the Department of Transport will gather further evidence of the issues and the impact of current regulations. I welcome this however, it is clear that the current regulation is not working. The timescale set out is disappointingly slow, with conclusions due to be drawn later this year. I urge the Government to listen and act quickly to solve this issue.

Jared O'Mara