I am working with the RSPCA to help improve animal welfare in Hallam

I recently attended the RSPCA’s annual drop-in in the House of Commons. As part of this, I heard directly from RSPCA Inspectors about their work to protect animals in Hallam and across the UK.

At the drop-in I found out about the scale of animal cruelty complaints across South Yorkshire. In 2017, the RSPCA investigated over 4500 complaints about animal cruelty. Meanwhile their nationwide 24-hour cruelty line received over a million calls.

I greatly respect the work RSPCA does. They have been investigating and prosecuting animal welfare offences since its foundation in 1824. They continue to increase their work to prevent cruelty occurring in the first place and to educate the next generation of animal lovers.

I’m proud to support the RSPCA and the work that their Inspectors do to protect animal welfare in Hallam. It was fantastic to meet some of their hard-working Inspectors and to thank them on behalf of the animal lovers in Hallam for all that they do.

However, I am saddened that the RSPCA’s latest statistics show animal cruelty complaints are continuing in South Yorkshire. We all have a duty to be vigilant against abuses of animal welfare and I will continue to work closely with the RSPCA to help improve standards of animal welfare in South Yorkshire and across the UK.

Jared O'Mara MP
Sheffield Hallam

Jared O'Mara