The Future of the NHS with 38 Degrees members.

I attended an event in Parliament on Wednesday 20th June, where 38 Degrees published their report The NHS at 70: The case for a tax rise. Written by the Centre for Economics and Business Research, the report made the case for a small increase in income tax to fund the NHS.

It found:
1. If current trends continue, public experience of the NHS will decline to worrying levels
2. Any serious government intervention needs to start with a 1% rise in income tax. New CEBR analysis showed that a 1% increase in all rates of income tax would raise at least £5.5bn a year for the NHS
3. There is public support for an income tax rise to fund the NHS. YouGov polling found that 66% of the public would back a penny on income tax to pay for the NHS

Importantly this report comes on the back of tens of thousands of members of the public voting on options they would like considered to fund our NHS. In the lead up to the NHS' 70th birthday, this event was a chance for me to hear from leading economists, about a long-term funding solution for health and social care.

It was very interesting to hear about their report. The future of the NHS is a cause close to my heart, and is important to all of us in Hallam. I welcome a wide discussion about how we properly fund the NHS. At the last election the Labour party presented a fully costed long term solution, unlike the recent announcement by Theresa May based on false promises of a non-existent ‘Brexit Dividend’.

Jared O'Mara