Happy Birthday NHS!

I am delighted to wish a happy 70th birthday to the finest creation of the British Labour Party and the United Kingdom; our wonderful and invaluable National Health Service. For nearly 37 of those 70 years it has served me well as a disabled person via a multitude of Sheffield’s landmark facilities. These include the place of my birth, The Northern General Hospital, our world leading Sheffield Children’s Hospital, and the Royal Hallamshire Hospital. In the heart of my own constituency, up in Crosspool, The Ryegate Centre provided me personally with life changing Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, and Swimming Lessons throughout the course of my childhood.

I cannot thank the countless NHS workers across Hallam, Sheffield, and UK enough for the breath-taking service and sheer graft you provide for the benefit of all of us across our nation and for the innovation in medicine and science in general of which you are leading pioneers. My dearest hope is that a Labour government will soon be able to deliver you, and indeed all of our public sector workers, the pay rise that each of you thoroughly deserve. While also providing the much needed cash injection into our health service and all public services that successive Tory and Liberal Democrat governments have cruelly withheld in favour of letting their fat cat friends evade and avoid paying their correct taxes whilst the rest of us all pay our fair share.

Here’s to the next 70 years and thereon forth,

Jared O’Mara MP
Sheffield Hallam

Jared O'Mara