Sparkle Sheffield

Ofsted found that there are serious issues with SEN provision in Sheffield. A couple of weeks ago I attended a meeting with Sheffield City Council assessing what needs to be done to improve support for pupils with special educational needs. However, this is not enough. That is why I will be joining the Sheffield Star in pledging my support for the Sparkle Sheffield campaign. Sparkle Sheffield is aiming to ‘create a community of parent/carers who can discuss, debate and learn from and with each other’. They argue that this is desperately needed because ‘nobody is listening to the voices of the parents.’

This parent-led initiative will aim to raise 45,000 pounds through the #justatenner campaign in order to fund a private investigation into Sheffield’s SEN services. This will help parents, schools and the local authority to understand exactly what is going wrong.

I’ve donated my tenner on Monday and hope to encourage my constituents to do the same through this crowd funding link:

SEN services are a vital part of ensuring that all pupils get a fair chance in the educational system regardless of their disabilities or circumstances. Alongside the Sheffield Star and other local organisations this charity could raise enough money to have a profound effect on many of Sheffield’s children and their families.

Jared O'Mara