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Update for my constituents


Dear Constituents,

On Thursday morning I slipped on a wet floor when getting out of the shower. Then banged my elbow, my knee and strained my back. It was agony at the time but the pain's subsided thanks to Ibuprofen and bottled water from Aldi. The latter of course being a German store and my supermarket.

Parliament has not duly considered how Brexit might impact European owned Big Box retailers and staples of our high streets. Or our direct suppliers of our foods as they go from Farm to Transit to Manufacturer /and/ Packager to Transit to Wholesaler to Transit to Retailer to Us. Nor did parliament or us voters know Brexit impact on us that way. Food supply? That'll be safe...won't it?

There was negligence in the genesis of that Tory manifesto policy and cowardice from Hameron in following it through. Application of due Diligence was as evident as Lord Lucan and Shergar wearing Harry Potter's cloak of invisibility. Or me from the voting today.

Because of my back, not avolition or because I don't care.

I could have said these things in the chamber sometime, yet they'won't make tiny changes to procedure , nor respect each other, respect us and respect our parliamentary democracy. I have that respect however. I respect you and respect our Parliament. Which is why I want to make it more inclusive. Out of respect to you. So you can have some better MPs than them or indeed I. They're being kept out by that same prejudice and covert hostility towards anyone from their innumerable Out Groups.

There's precious little representation outside of the Metropolitan Elite and the Landed Ladies and Gentry. I'd like you all to represented from a bigger selection pool than just two puddles of privilege, nepotism, and wealth passed down generation by generation. But if everyone's not allowed an electronic vote and has to queue (in a chasm of bluster from centuries old Highwaymen and Slavemasters turned Aristocracy) to, ironically, have some (patient and, no doubt ,long bemused) staff tick you off on an iPad, then how can we open it up for you and your Great Grandkids? . There's no protection from the press or public in the event they're understandably angry at your absence .Then henceforth seek retribution with only a panic alarm for company in your flat.

I should have a 100% voting record (save for abstentions) and others in there would have too. If you knew that to some of us that isn't parliament, it's a penitentiary. 

I'll do my time though.

I emailed the PM and LOTO ( Jeremy Corbyn) about applying the Equality Act in there. Parliamentary Privilege means that, in that room, they don't have to follow the laws they make themselves, in that same room (you honestly couldn't make it up-”do as we say, not as we do!”)

Much like my WQs (Written Questions) my request for at least discourse with one of them fell on deaf ears with both. It's been like that for me for 2 years and counting now.

I promise you I won't stop. Forza.

I'll be voting next week and I want to get another referendum so all of you can have the vote that I didn't get yesterday.

Best wishes and Onward and Upward,

Jared O’Mara MP
Sheffield Hallam


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