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Update for my constituents


With regards to the recent news of the departure of 7 Labour MPs to form their own Independent Group. I respect their right to freedom of association and can empathise with the discomfort they each say they have experienced within the Labour party during this parliamentary term. I also share their view that a People's Vote is unequivocally the best way to resolve the deadlock over our membership of the EU and the nature of any ratified departure. However, beyond that, I am not convinced I have any significant common ground with any of them on an individual or collective level with which to form any allegiance in the unlikely event I was to receive an offer.

I have many fond memories of my time in Labour and hold the utmost and unwavering respect for dozens upon dozens of Labour people, across Sheffield in particular. Yet today I question what Labour is? What does it stand for? What would Keir Hardie say of its present state? Does it even have a definitive identity now? The exact same can be asked of what Disraeli would make of the Conservative Party? Is there any consensus about what Conservatism means in the 21st century? How does it fit into an increasingly technological civilization on the cusp of mass automation?

The fringe parties merit less consideration than ever. We’re increasingly a two-party system and increasingly a system losing its parties. 

Over these past 20 months I have learned so much; evolved and changed irrevocably. However, one notable thing that hasn't changed is my view that an MP must always put the people they represent first in the course of their parliamentary duties. My 7 months as an Independent has reinforced this. It's through this independence of action and thought that I have come to the opinion that our parliamentary system could well indeed function with 650 elected independent members. Were there to be free and open consideration and debate of the finer points of such a model's mechanism then there could be a way to make it work. Brexit has shown us that our elected representatives, myself included, are individuals. I'm not sure our politicians of the future will have need for tenuous shared identities in order to do a better job of things than us lot in there have been recently.

The days of collective group compromise built over the basic foundations of centuries old ideologies may not necessarily apply in this millennium of fingertip instantaneous information and bedroom broadcasting. The debates that define our epoch are no longer limited to the chambers of Westminster and newsrooms of Fleet Street. In our current times onward, everyone can express themselves. That indeed is why I support a People's Vote. The future of our nation doesn't belong to Labour or Tory. It belongs to its people. I think democracy is better when there's no strings on our representatives and no gags around anybody’s mouths. Does that just have to be a Utopia?  That's for all of us to debate, not just for the privileged.

Jared O’Mara MP
Sheffield Hallam


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